Face, the Facts

Today I went to Whole Foods in Piccadilly Circus to have my face scanned for sun spots

Having grown up in South Africa at a time when children were encouraged to spend as much time as possible outdoors in the sunshine, and the strongest sunblock on the market was SPF2, I have been pretty concerned about sun damage.

The cool thing is that the face analysis is free, the person that did the analysis wasn't judgemental and didn't make me feel pressured to buy products (although I did end up purchasing two).  I thought it would be helpful to share the results, advice and treatments for people who are concerned about similar issues.

The following is a breakdown of the pictures below: the 'spots' indicate areas that could be spots under the surface, texture indicates the smoothness of the skin and pores we know about...all of these can be improved through the use of an exfoliator.  
The wrinkles seem to be forming as smile lines (which are possibly the sexiest thing a person can develop as they age), there presence can be delayed with Rosehip Seed Oil*.  
Red areas include broken veins and can be treated with Vitamin C (I use and recommend Solgar Ascorbic Acid Powder) and of course eating more fruit and veg.
Now for the dreaded UV Spots and Brown Spots, the damage has been done but apparently for someone of my age from the Southern Hemisphere, it's looking pretty good.  Perhaps due to always using the highest sunblock available and wearing hats.  I have bought the Green People SPF daily moisturiser.  Will take a trip back in a month or two to have it done again and will see if there is any difference with these recommendations! :-)

*Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa Rubiginosa)

Is a luxurious and smoothing natural skin care product for ageing skin. Said to diminish wrinkles, Rosa Rubiginosa is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It also contains trans-retinoic acid which is reported to slow the ageing process. This is a wonderfully hydrating natural beauty product. Rosa Rubignosa comes from the seed of a Chilean wild rose called Rosa Mosqueta. Also called rose hip seed oil, it has been used for centuries by the Andean Indians for healing purposes and skin care. As yet, this is a little known product - we like to think it is one of nature's best kept secrets! For best results, make this part of your daily facial skin care routine. Apply 5-10 drops daily to clean, toned skin. Simply sprinkle the oil into the palms of the hand and rub together to warm the oils. Gently press the palms of your hands to the face and neck area. No need to rub the oil in. Use as an alternative to your usual skin care cream or moisturiser.