Changing times

I truly believe that the universe conspires to give us exactly what we need, when we need it, and perhaps it is waiting until the right moment for the 'business' side of things to take off.

What is the 'business' of Brilliant Being anyway?  Well, it is about providing health, wellness and life inspiration to people.  The 'being' part is the trickiest for me to master, as I am someone who strives relentlessly for things rather than patiently allowing for life to take its course.  As I get older, I seem to be mellowing, this could also be the product of deciding to take myself out of the high pressure world of investment banking to spend my days trying to understand what it is that makes people live on the margins of society.  So, for now, I will be focussing on this blog and keeping it personal.

Today was a huge milestone in my PhD research.  I am over halfway through the PhD and have officially closed the survey for new entrants into the longitudinal study on people's values.  This has caused a pause and an opportunity to take a breath before things continue moving forward, as they always do in life.

I am also embarking on an 8 week challenge run by a company called Sleek Geek (  The reason for choosing this particular group is that they focus on sustainable lifestyle changes rather than quick fix 'diets'.  I also find that by following the principles of avoiding foods that aren't great and eating as much healthy food as you like is a simpler and less stressful process than engaging in calorie counting and point scoring.  On that note, I am discovering some truly amazing recipes and delicious meals that are transforming my health and life and helping me radiate 'brilliantly' :-)

I will be posting the great recipes I find and including some of my little tweaks too - I hope you enjoy!