Steak, Guacamole and Salad Burger in a Sweet Potato Bun

Paleo / Gluten Free / Dairy Free

This burger is delicious and fed the family on a Sunday - they all loved it. If you are making it for a lunch / dinner party, I would recommend making the ingredients for the sweet potato buns in advance.  This recipe is inspired by this one which provides a salmon option

Ingredients and Method (per two burgers)

- Sweet Potatoes x 3 (cut in a vegetable Spiralizer / julienne peeled)
- Eggs x 3
- Horseradish 

Mix the prepared ingredients in a bowl, cut into quarters and fry in a pan on each side.
Put a small amount of Horseradish on one of the buns

Burger filling
- Red onion slices
- Tomato slices
- Green leaves (rocket / spinach / salad)
- 120gms steak cooked to taste
- Guacamole

- avocado x 1
- olive oil x 1 tbsp
- cumin x 1/2 tsp
- salt and pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together until in a pasty consistency and add to your burger.