Time to eat! Parenting lessons from my husband

It has been a busy couple of years. In this short space of time I have been blessed to become a mother to two beautiful boys, now 17 months and 8 weeks respectively. Going to post some blogs with things I have discovered and info that I'd find useful. A bit nervous about posting parenting related content as there are as many different approaches to parenting as there are parents so please know that I expect and respect that others will have different views and approaches. While my husband and I have similar approaches and views on parenting, one thing I always struggled with was him taking care of himself before he looked after our son. For example he would always ensure he was fed and had something to drink before/during my son's mealtimes. On the other hand, I would often wait for my son to be napping before I had 'the chance' to eat. This often meant skipped or very late meals, even when I was pregnant with our next child. The reason I'm posting about this is that a lot of moms talk about not getting the chance to eat. Now I'm on my own with two really young children, I am realising that it is more important than ever to look after me. By taking a page out of my husband's book and letting the kids be delayed, restless or unsettled for a couple of minutes so that I can eat / drink / go to the loo, I feel better and have more patience and energy for them throughout the day. We are all happier and calmer as a result. This may seem completely obvious but it's something I'm only just realising. I would often be too involved in looking after my kids to remember to look after me. I put myself under so much pressure to be the perfect mom that ignoring my screaming child for a minute so I could look after myself always felt really selfish. We all have different approaches but if this post helps one other person out there then it worth taking the time to post it.