Luxurious Cream Recipe

Ever fancied making homemade cream?  Here are the recipes for some of my favourites:

Base cream recipe (makes 100 mls):

- 100 mls Water (Rose Essential) 

- 8 gms Emulsifying Wax

- 12 mls Good quality base oil (for face cream I use 4mls Sunflower Oil and 8 mls Rosehip Seed Oil)

- Preservative (I use 1ml Lucidiel)


- Heat the wax and vegetable oil in a bain-marie and stir until the wax has melted.

- Put the water in a pan on heat and remove just before it reaches boiling point.

- Our the water into the oil and whisk briskly for a few seconds and then leave to cool whisking occassionally.

- Add the preservative according to recommended ratios.

- Add 1% of essential oil if desired.

Oil blends Sweet Orange and Geranium Face Cream (100ml)

- 20 drops geranium and 10 drops sweet orange

Ginger and Black Pepper cream (100ml)

- 15 drops of ginger, 15 drops of black pepper, 5 drops sandalwood